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Fleet Servicing and Maintenance in Sutton

Fleet-MaintenanceAt Jay Cars Ltd in Sutton, we have the capacity and expertise to be able to take on fleet vehicle maintenance work.

We have built up quite a reputation with local businesses and maintain a number of small fleets within the Sutton area. We provide basic maintenance, annual car servicing, MOTs and more for business fleet vehicles in Sutton. As with many vehicles that are on the road frequently, we also remove scuff marks, stone chips, small dents with our SMART repair service. 

We service and maintain all types of car and small commercial vans plus we also provide a quality and valuable service in preparation of vehicles that are due to be returned to lease companies. Many businesses are hit hard by the lease companies for repairs to the vehicle that has been out on the road and in use by salespeople, maintenance teams and more. We offer a quality service in bringing these vehicles back to an 'as new' condition at a fraction of the cost as passed on by leasing companies.

If your vehicle is due to be returned to a leasing company bring it in to us to have a look over it first and we can advise you on what would need doing before incurring any high costs.

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